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Team Information

Location : Cambodia

Region : South East Asia

MPL Cambodia


  • October 12th – Roamer Lee Xin, Gold Lane AaTroX, Middle Raccoon, Roamer ChanSoo, Roamer X I N G and Roamer Merlin join.
  • July 26th – Gold Lane AaTroX, Middle Raccoon, Roamer ChanSoo, Roamer X I N G and Roamer Merlin leave. Zorry, Sungod, Kray and  Remix join.
  • October 10th – EXP Lane RiRith, Jungler Ezen, Roamer Skyzy and Roamer Anzu join. Zorry,  Sungod,  Kray and  Remix leave.
  • July 28th – Lee Xin changes position from Roamer to Manager Roamer RiRith, EXP Lane Ezen and Roamer Anzu leave.Roamer Peekaboo, Middle C Cat, EXP Lane ATM, Jungler XE ON and Gold Lane Fury join.
  • January 13th – Middle BiiMo leaves for Team Max
  • January 15th – Roamer Skyzy leaves for Team Max
  • February 5th – Roamer D7 joins.
  • June 15th – Jungler Celichma joins.
  • June 18th – Analyst VK, Assistant Coach Ola and Head Coach Zico join.
  • August 3rd – Jungler MP the King and Gold Lane Hesa join.
  • October 10th – Assistant Coach Ola leaves.
  • October 26th – Analyst VK leaves.
  • November 28th – Jungler MP the King leaves for AP Esports.
  • January 13th – Jungler XE ON, Head Coach Zico and Gold Lane Hesa leave.
  • February 19th – Jungler WIGHTNITE joins.
  • February 21st – Gold Lane Donut and  zMitch join.
  • March 3rd –Analyst Skyzy joins.
  • July 28th – Jungler Kiyonori and Roamer H2big join.
  • August 10th – Coach VK joins as Trainee.
  • November 2nd – Jungler Kiyonori leaves.
  • January 5th – Gold Lane Donut and Coach zMitch leave.

Player Roster

Kosal PisethEXP Lane2021-07-28Cambodia
Sour MaraJungler2022-06-15Cambodia
Pich SopheakJungler2023-02-19Cambodia
4C Cat
Sok RothMiddle2021-07-28Cambodia
Vithou SovisalGold Lane2021-07-28Cambodia
Ty OudomRoamer2022-02-05Cambodia
Prince TesoreroRoamer2023-07-28Philippines


MPL Cambodia Autumn 2022

MPL Cambodia Spring 2023

WOWNOW & Prince Mall League

T.Y Media E Champion Season 1

Metfone All-Stars Arena

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