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Team Information

Location : Philippine

Region : Southeast Asia

MPL Philippine


MPL Philippines Season 6

MPL Philippines Season 12

M2 World Championship

M5 World Championship

Player Roster

#NAMEPositionJoin DateCountry
1David Charles CanonEXP Lane2020-07-02Philippine
2Vincent Joseph Villones UnigoEXP Lane2022-01-12Philippines
3Michael Angelo SaysonJungler2022-07-13Philippines
4Angelo Kyle ArcangelMid Lane2020-01-10Philippines
5Marco Stephen RequitianoGold Lane2022-01-12Philippines
6Rowgien Stimpson UnigoRoamer2022-07-13Philippines


EXP LaneJunglerMid Lane
Gold LaneEXP LaneRoamer
Super MarcoPANDORAOwgwen


Bren Esports acquired Aether Main roster, the champion of the first MPL Philippines before participating in the MSC 2018, but due to the official rules, their name remained unchanged until the tournament was over. They later won the MSC 2018 Championship Title, becoming the first Filipino team to win the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup.

In MPL PH Season 6, Bren Esports were able to claim their first MPL Philippines Champion Title and qualified to M2 World Championship.

During their first World Championship run, Bren was relegated to the lower bracket in the playoffs. In the lower bracket, Bren crawled out and secured their spot in the grand finals. The best-of-seven series againts Burmese Ghouls took seven games before declaring Bren Esports as the champion, becoming the first Filipino team to win the M World Championship. They chose Lancelot as their World Championship skin in the game.

Despite multiple roster changes, the team failed to win any championship title from MPL PH Season 7 to MPL PH Season 11 with their worst performance during Season 9 where they finished last place in the regular season.

Months before the start of MPL PH Season 12, Bren Esports welcomed new ownership, renamed to AP.Bren as it partnered with AP Esports. AP.Bren defeated Blacklist International to reign supreme in the tournament, claiming their second MPL Philippines Champion Title and guaranteeing qualification for M5.

In M5, the Grand Finals saw the first Philippines vs. Indonesia match in the entirety of the M World Championship. AP.Bren won the Championship Title, defeating upper bracket foe in seven games, becoming the first organization to win two world titles and the first team to win the world championships on home soil.


  • EXP Lane Coco, Middle Yuji, Roamer YellyHaze, Flex Pein, Flex Ribo and Flex 666 join.
  • January 17th – Flex 666 leaves.
  • February 27th – Roamer Ejhay joins.
  • July 18th – Flex Pein leaves.
  • July 31st – EXP Lane Teng joins.
  • October 29th – EXP Lane Teng, Middle Yuji and Roamer YellyHaze leave.
  • January 10th – Jungler KarlTzy, Middle Pheww, Ducky and Roamer Lastii join.
  • July 2nd – EXP Lane FlapTzy joins. Coco changes position from EXP Lane to Analyst.
  • July 12th – Jungler Rimuru, Jungler L3bron and Jungler Malik join. Coco changes position from Analyst to Gold Lane.
  • November 22nd – Jungler L3bron leaves.
  • December 2nd – Jungler Rimuru leaves.
  • December 6th – Jungler KarlTzy leaves.
  • December 11th – Roamer Ejhay leaves.
  • January 3rd – Gold Lane Ribo moves to an inactive position.
  • January 12th – Gold Lane Coco moves to an inactive position. Roamer Joy Boy, Gold Lane SUPER MARCO, Jungler Saxa, EXP Lane Pandora, Middle Stowm and Gold Lane Jowm join.
  • February 16th – Assistant Coach Pauloxpert joins.
  • May 31st – Roamer Lusty leaves.
  • June 2nd – Jungler Malik leaves.
  • June 23rd – Manager Ribo leaves for Z4 Esports.
  • July 13th – Roamer Owgwen and Jungler KyleTzy join.
  • November 24th – Jungler Saxa, Middle Stowm and Roamer Joy Boy leave.
  • December 15th – Coach Pauloxpert leaves.
  • February 1st – Gold Lane Jowm leaves for Team Lunatix.
  • February 9th – Coach Vrendon Lin joins.
  • July 3rd – Bren Esports entered a partnership with AP Esports, rebrand into AP.Bren
  • August 8th – Middle Mumukid joins.
  • September 18th – Middle Mumukid leaves for AP.Bren Hornets.
  • January 11th – Coach Vren leaves for RRQ Hoshi.
  • February 21st – Technical Coach Trebor joins.

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