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character mlbb-fighter

Name: Silvanna

Role: Fighter

Specialty: Initiator/Magic Damage

Lane: EXP Lane/Roaming

Released: 17 September 2019

Hero Number : #90

Durability 70%
Offense 65%
Control effect 48%
Difficulty 20%


Sample Description
Sample Description
Attribute Base Growth
Level 1 Level 15
HP 2828 5586 197
Mana 430 1830 100
HP Regen 7.8 14.0 0.44286
Mana Regen 3.2 6.0 0.2
Physical Attack 126 256 9.2857
Magic Power 0 0 -
Physical Defense 22 72 3.5714
Magic Defense 15 38 1.6429
Physical Penetration 0 -
Magic Penetration 0 -
Damage Reduction 0 -
Basic Attack Range -
Attack Speed 1.14 1.59 0.0321429
Attack Speed Ratio 100% -
Movement Speed 255 -
Princess of the Moniyan Empire and queen regent The princess of the Moniyan Empire. After her younger brother disappeared, she took up the burden of the country and joined the Empire Chevaliers, becoming the best female knight of the Empire Chevaliers.


The prince had gone missing and no one knew if he were dead or alive, for the sake of the country and the safety of its people, King Aurelius II had decreed to expand the Imperial Knight's Order and set up fortresses within the outskirts of Moniyan, to reinforce the empire's defense. In the meantime, the Imperial Knights continued their search for any clues or whereabouts of the prince. The Imperial Knight's searched day after night. They had almost crossed the entire Land of Dawn, but all they could find was endless waiting. The Aurelius royal family was drowning in sorrow. To young Silvanna, the tragic memory of that time was too heavy. As a princess, Silvanna had always had a heart of justice and compassion since she was little. After her brother's disappearance, she had been keeping the queen's company almost every day. For years, the two of them had been waiting for a miracle to happen in the Imperial castle. However, waiting, day after day, and year after year later the queen eventually became ill and bedridden from physical and mental exhaustion. Twelve years had passed after the tragic event. As the queen and the king got old, Princess Silvanna, who had grown into a fine adult, had always wanted to do something for her empire. She wanted to let go of the sorrow, but whenever she thought of her brother, the sadness and frustration always came back to her. Every night in her dream, Silvanna felt like her brother was within reach, but she just couldn't seem to hold him. Shortly afterward, on the day of Silvanna's coming-of-age ceremony, she decided to disregard her status as a princess and join the Imperial Knights. Perhaps this was the only way for her to bear the pain! In the Knight’s Order, Silvanna would have to go through tough training. She would no longer be treated like a royal. Silvanna possessed strong faith and worked harder than the others. Her faith had made her more and more powerful. All the scars on her body were the best proof on her path to training. Before long, she had become the most powerful female knight among the Imperial Knights. But even then, Silvanna still couldn’t get Tigreal special approval. Tigreal knew the cruelty of the real battlefield and how there' was no room for any mistake. Deep down, Tigreal saw that Silvanna had already acquired all the skills of a knight. He could also see Silvanna's determination. But she was a royal of the empire after all. Tigreal didn't want another successor of the empire to be at any risk again. But one day, all of a sudden, the Demon army had arrived on the outskirts of the empire… Moniyan was in the face of disaster and war. Tigreal ordered Silvanna to stay in the empire while he leads the whole Knight’s Order to battle. Halfway through, Tigreal received a report from the Knight’s Order that in order to prove herself, Silvanna had broken the forbidden area, the Imperial Sanctuary, where countless unknown creatures lurk. Even Tigreal himself didn't have the confidence to go through it unharmed. At this moment, a sharp cry came from a distance, making Tigreal shudder. He immediately leads the elites of the Knight’s Order back to the Imperial Sanctuary while the rest of the knights marched to the outskirts of the empire to fight the Demons. On his way, he prayed that he could make it in time. He prayed that his fear should not come true. In front of the gods of the Imperial Sanctuary, a giant figure was slowly approaching the wounded knightess. The Seed of Light was glowing in the distance and her powerful opponent was approaching. In the imperial records, Silvanna once read about a legend about the Seed of Light in the Imperial Sanctuary. But the powerful creature that guards the Seed of Light in front of her has become an obstacle she couldn't overcome. But Silvanna knew that only when she was shielded by the Lord of Light could she truly become the Holy Knightess and lead the empire to victory in the battle. And for that reason, she was willing to sacrifice her life… But that wasn't necessary, Silvanna's determination impressed the God of Light and he passed down some of his magical powers to Silvanna. With this power in hand, she broke past the Guard and brought the chaotic army to an end. With the battle won and peace returned, Silvanna's courage brought her great fame. With power, courage, and royalty in her blood, she took over as the Princess of the Moniyan Empire and perhaps… also as its protector.

Imperial Knightess


Hallowed Lance


Midnight Justice


Pure Heroine


Queen Frost


Future Co


Verdant Lancer


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