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Name: Lylia

Role: Mage

Specialty: Push/Damage

Lane: Mid Lane

Released: 23 July 2019

Hero Number : #86

Durability 50%
Offense 100%
Control effects 20%
Difficulty 50%


Sample Description
Sample Description
Attribute Fixed-value base stats Percentage stats
Level 1 Level 15 Growth
HP 2501 4384 134.5 -
Mana 500 2180 120 -
HP Regen 6.8 11.0 0.3 -
Mana Regen 3.8 6.6 0.2 -
Physical Attack 113 207 6.7143 -
Magic Power 0 -
Physical Defense 17 61 3.1429 -
Magic Defense 15 38 1.6429 -
Attack Speed 1.01 1.18 0.0121429 -
Attack Speed Ratio - 100%
Cooldown Reduction - 0%
Critical Chance - 0%
Critical Damage - 200%
Crit DMG Reduction - 0%
Movement Speed 245 -
Physical PEN 0 0%
Magic PEN 0 0%
Lifesteal - 0%
Spell Vamp - 0%
Basic Attack Range -
Resilience - 0%
Damage Reduction 0 0%
Healing Effect - 0%
Healing Received - 100%
A funny and witted little witch, A descendant of the great magician of the Magic Academy and known as the "Little Witch". Though at a young age, she has mastered the techniques to control little creature "Gloom". Hundreds of years ago, when Magic reigned high, in the Land of Dawn, Dark Mages were important precursors of the creation of the Magic Academy. However, there had always been a big gap between them and White Magic. They had completely different opinions on magic ideas. The core of all this disputes was that Dark Magic possessed a mysterious power known as Alien Space Summoning. This magic could create a portal to the unknown worlds, bringing alien monsters to the Land of Dawn. It was destructive and unpredictable, and also a great threat to the human world. The White Mages had always opposed Summoning experiments. Yet, the Dark Mages turned a deaf ear to it. Finally, this dangerous magic went wrong during a summoning, causing a disturbance at the Magic Academy. The incident, ended with the death of a high rank, White Magician. This triggered strong resentfulness of the White magicians and after, the Senate ruling, the Dark Magicians assumed full responsibility. They were permanently banished to the west of the Land. This decision, also led to the end of Dark Magic. The esoteric Alien Space Summoning was also permanently banned and the Magic Academy was under control of White Magic. Even after the end of this incident, which people called the Rift War, there still remained a crisis, hidden deep within the Land of Dawn. The remaining Void Monsters were appearing everywhere and they kept looking for food to live on, especially Magical Powers and this time, they got close to the Magic Academy. At that time there was a young girl named, Lylia, who was one of the most gifted and top students of the Magic Academy, also happened to be the naughtiest girl. She also believed in Dark Magic and was the sole successor of Alien Space Summoning. She always used her powerful, but dark magic to prove that she was right. She bought horrors, rather than surprises to everyone, most of the time. Naturally, she was misunderstood by others, mainly because of her unusual characteristics and also, since she was a Black Wizard and the favourite Magic genius of the Magic Academy, the idol of apprentices. This also explains, why Lylia was hated and isolated by all her friends, why she was exiled along with other Dark Magician and also, why everyone called Lylia the "Little Witch". Overnight, she lost everything and turned to being a loner. Recently, however, there had been signs of Void Monsters in the Magic Academy. The magicians and Professors there, did their best to catch or at least, stop these strange creatures. Lylia had managed to capture one of the most special ones among these creatures. She not only felt his power, but also found out how cute he was. The Void Monsters were fond of Black Magic. After all, it was with the summoning of powerful black magic, that they were created. Lylia gave her new found pet, a name - Gloom. She considered him to be her friend, most likely, the only friend Lylia ever had, and wanted to introduce him to everyone in the Magic Academy. But, no one believed that Lylia could have tamed such a threatening creature all by herself. They began to question and even taunt Lylia. Gloom felt that his master was being provoked, and started attacking the magicians of the Academy. Some magicians were shocked to see Gloom's power, which was in fact, far greater than that of most void monsters. They thought this was one of Lylia's schemes, to destroy the Magic Academy. They decided to capture Lylia by force and also, eliminate Gloom. No matter what Lylia did, she couldn't stop those magicians from attacking Gloom. More magicians gathered together, to fight Lylia, as she tried to protect Gloom, and this made Gloom very angry. With the help of Lylia's dark magic, he summoned a portal to the outer world and called out many other Void Monsters to fight alongside him. Everything went out of control, as the void monsters started wrecking up the Magic Academy. A fierce battle followed, and many of those magicians were badly hurt. As a mentor and professor, Eudora summoned her lightning powers and tried her best to resist these Void Monsters, but nothing much happened. She and the other magic professors of the academy were surprised as to how these monsters had gone so vicious. Lylia, however, enjoyed the vibe, as she felt, she was having a thrilling and fun time, commanding around the void monsters and running everything like she was in charge. That's when Eudora realised that this was the powerful, ancient Alien Space Summoning magic and that, there was much more crisis to face. She warned the other professors of this invasion and along with the remaining magicians, tried fending off the monsters. However, the monsters regrouped, as a huge wave of new ones appeared from the rift, and launched an attack on Eudora. Even though, Lylia wanted everyone to suffer for distrusting her and treating her poorly, she realised what she was doing was absolutely wrong. As the monsters charged onward to devour Eudora and the rest of the Magic Academy, in a hurry, Lylia dived, in front of Eudora and used her Black Power to seal those monsters into Gloom. Lylia managed to save Eudora's life. Since then, Eudora found out, that despite how indifferent Lylia was, she was much more brave and powerful with magic. She also knew that Lylia's understanding of Dark Magic was superior to others, and realized that good and evil was determined by those who wield the magic, and not the nature of the magic itself.  

Little Wizard


School Idol


Star Student


Future Star


Haunted Doll


Neobeast Lylia

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