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Name: Roger

Role: Fighter/Marksman

Specialty: Finisher/Burst

Lane: Jungling

Released: 25 June 2017

Hero Number : #39

Durability 60%
Offense 40%
Control effect 10%
Difficulty 50%


Sample Description
AttributeFixed-value base statsPercentage stats
Level 1Level 15Growth
HP Regen7.210.20.21429-
Mana Regen3.05.80.2-
Physical Attack12831713.5-
Magic Power0-
Physical Defense22814.2143-
Magic Defense15502.5-
Attack Speed1.051.250.0142857-
Attack Speed Ratio-100%
Cooldown Reduction-0%
Critical Chance-0%
Critical Damage-200%
Crit DMG Reduction-0%
Movement Speed240-
Physical PEN00%
Magic PEN00%
Spell Vamp-0%
Basic Attack Range4.1 (Human Form) / 1.7 (Wolf Form)-
Damage Reduction00%
Healing Effect-0%
Healing Received-100%
A werewolf wandering in the dark forests longing for revenge
Roger was once a human being. During a battle with the werewolf White Fang, he was killed by White Fang's sharp teeth and resurrected as a werewolf. Roger, who had been reborn, vowed to take revenge and eradicate the threat of the werewolves from this world.


Ignoring the villagers' warnings, Roger decided to settle right by the edge of the Black Forest, a mere few miles east of the Megalith Wastelands. His countless years in the imperial army had made him a man of strong resolve... and perhaps too stubborn for his own good. Regardless, now that his days as a soldier had passed, he was determined to hunt in the dark woodlands and live off of its bounty. The Black Forest was home to all manners of unsavory vermin. But none was more terrifying than the hundreds of wolves prowling in the shadows. With their new Wolf King, Whitefang, having awakened ancient magic abilities within him, they became even more ferocious. And with the forest running out of prey, the wolves gradually expanded their hunting ranges and began to appear outside the woodlands. Always hunting in packs, they started attacking unwary travelers who dared to pass by. Hell-bent on keeping this threat at bay. Roger tracked Whitefang's pack. ultimately finding them huddled around a small village. No sooner had he arrived than a guttural howl broke the quiet of the night. sending the pack of wolves in and ravaging everyone in their path. The village erupted into chaos, with Whitefang himself standing in the middle, about to feast on an injured little girl. With no time to waste, Roger lunged straight at the beast and snatched the girl right out of his clutch. Whitefang snapped back, digging his claws into the hunter's chest as he attempted to deliver the girl to safety. Undeterred by his wounds, Roger managed to push the vicious horde back, warning Whitefang never to return to the village with the same ferocity as the wolves'. The Wolf King did retreat with his pack, but when he looked back, Roger felt his blood turning ice-cold by the hatred in the wolf's eyes. Haunted by the dread he felt that day, Roger couldn't stop worrying that Whitefang would come back for revenge. He began to train the surviving villagers in how to fight the wolves, particularly the little girl he rescued, whose name he later learned, was Ruby. Before long, however, Roger noticed bizarre changes happening to his body. He suspected they were somehow related to the wounds Whitefang gave him. Worried about the safety of the others, the hunter fled the village in secret. Returning to his home, Roger's suspicions were soon confirmed, as the ancient magic Whitefang carried had begun to infect his own body. "Even one of a pure heart, one who misses not once his nightly prayers, is helpless to resist the lupine curse when the full moon looms in the night's sky." The time soon arrived. When the gleam of the full moon illuminated the vast meadows around the Black Forest, Roger could do nothing but look on in horror as his body slowly shifted in shape, turning into a spitting image of Whitefang himself. Fearing that he would hurt those he swore to protect, he had no choice but to leave his home, embarking on a lone journey of his own.

Dire Wolf Hunter

Dark Gent

Dr. Beast


Phantom Pirate

Cyborg Werewolf

Phantom Ranger

Fiend Haunter


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