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character mlbb-mage

Name: Luo Yi

Role: Mage

Specialty: Support/Crowd Control

Lane: Mid Lane

Released: 16 May 2020

Hero Number : #96

Durability 20%
Offense 100%
Control effects 40%
Difficulty 50%

Luo Yi

Sample Description
Sample Description
Attribute Fixed-value base stats Percentage stats
Level 1 Level 15 Growth
HP 2601 5156 182.5 -
Mana 520 2172 118 -
HP Regen 7.2 11.2 0.28571 -
Mana Regen 4.2 7.0 0.2 -
Physical Attack 107 193 6.1429 -
Magic Power 0 -
Physical Defense 20 74 3.8571 -
Magic Defense 15 45 2.1429 -
Attack Speed 0.99 1.12 0.0092857 -
Attack Speed Ratio - 100%
Cooldown Reduction - 0%
Critical Chance - 0%
Critical Damage - 200%
Crit DMG Reduction - 0%
Movement Speed 250 -
Physical PEN 0 0%
Magic PEN 0 0%
Lifesteal - 0%
Spell Vamp - 0%
Basic Attack Range -
Resilience - 0%
Damage Reduction 0 0%
Healing Effect - 0%
Healing Received - 100%
Heir to the ancient Fighter sect, a follower of Yu Zhong The Fighter attached to the Black Dragon. She was expelled from the Land of Dawn together with the Black Dragon after the Black Dragon failed. With a sense of mission to get freedom and the desire of her family to return to their homeland that had long lost, Luo Yi was determined to inherit her father's will. She would soon find the reincarnated Black Dragon, and possibly rebuild Fighter's glory. On the border of the Cadia Riverlands and Moniyan Plain, Luo Yi, who often stands on the top of the mountain alone, facing the direction of the Cadia Riverlands, where her hometown is, to keep observing the flow of stars. She is waiting for the change of the stars and the person she has kept waiting for to show up. Date back to the remote era of strife, the war between light and dark spread all over the Land of Dawn, which created disasters and destroyed people's lives and property wantonly, and many powerful races hence suffered a lot. This made the Great Dragon, who advocated peace, feel pity. Therefore, he and his friend, the Black Dragon, led many new and old races who didn't want to be involved in the war to start an unprecedented migration. In this dangerous and challenging process, the ignorant human beings became the protagonists of the migration journey and during that, they were divided into two sects because of different ideas. After arriving at the Cadia Riverlands, they acted independently and defiantly. Those who advocated the Great Dragon's ideas of peace and stability became his disciples and focused on improving their inner strength; while those who pursued strength and advocated using force to solve problems became the Black Dragon's fighters. Under the shield of the Black Dragon, the fighters gained the absolute strength they dreamed of, and became stronger. Then, they started a covert plan of controlling the Cadia Riverlands by force, and overthrow the order established by the Great Dragon, to help the Black Dragon become the ruler of the Cadia Riverlands. In the following years, the contradiction between the Black Dragon and the Great Dragon became increasingly sharp, and there were also continuous disputes between the fighters and the disciples. In order to stop the coming war, the Great Dragon had to suppress the Black Dragon by force, and took the reverse scale and sealed it in the Forbidden Area of Dragon Soul. Since the fighters depended on the Black Dragon, they were completely expelled from the Cadia Riverlands and became homeless in the Land of Dawn. However, at the time when the Black Dragon was sealed, he made his will and told it to the fighters: a thousand years later, he will still be reincarnated in this land. At that moment, an earthshaking change will happen in the Cadia Riverlands and the fighters will continue to fulfill their mission. The fall of the Black Dragon made the fighters feel frustrated heavily. From then on, the fighters disappeared in the Cadia Riverlands, and as time went by, their descendants, who also scattered in all places, chose the ordinary life instead of pursuing power and continuing their mission. Although the glory of the fighters has gone for a thousand years, there are still few descendants who stick to the mission for generations, and expect the reincarnation of the Black Dragon to rebuild the order. The mage of heaven and earth, Luo Yi, is one of them. As long as Luo Yi could remember, she listened to the legends that had been forgotten by the world under the strict guidance of her father, including the overweeningly arrogant Black Dragon, strong fighters, the free land of the Cadia Riverlands, and the war that shook the world. She also clearly knew the decline of fighters and the destined reincarnation: the Black Dragon had been reincarnated, and Luo Yi would undertake this long-standing mission. Luo Yi decided to follow her father's will to find the reincarnated Black Dragon and rebuild the sect of fighters, due to her sense of mission established since childhood and the family's generational desire to return home. For this reason, Luo Yi almost walked all over the Land of Dawn to look for the scattered descendants of fighters. However, these people had already been smoothed by the ordinary life during the passing of time. They became numb and cowardly. Luo Yi was angry with them and decided to look for the reincarnated Black Dragon by herself. The passing of time and every failure strengthened her determination because she believed she would wait for him and return to the hometown under his leadership. Under the guidance of stars, Luo Yi finally found the Black Dragon's reincarnation, Yu Zhong, a disciple traveling around the world. At that time Yu Zhong knew nothing about the memory of his past life. She felt hard to believe the nervous young man in front her, was the Fierce Black Dragon she was destined to support. Later, Luo Yi invited Yu Zhong to travel together on the Land of Dawn, hoping to verify her judgment in the process. It was the travel that had a great influence on Yu Zhong's heart. The chaos caused by war and the peaceful Cadia Riverlands formed a sharp contrast, which also made Yu Zhong doubt the world. At the end of the travel, Luo Yi told Yu Zhong about his past life and the existence of the reverse scale, but Yu Zhong felt hard to believe at that moment. Meanwhile, Luo Yi saw hesitation and uneasiness in his eyes. "This is not the correct time. You will lose anything, and you will also come to me." "You are not strong enough now. If you want to be the real Fierce Black Dragon, you must unseal the reverse scale and bear the consequences." After these words, Luo Yi let Yu Zhong leave alone, because she knew Yu Zhong was still so young and immature at that moment. He hadn't put everything down and lost all, so he couldn't break the shackles of the world. But she firmly believed that Yu Zhong would certainly come back. Because the reverse scale had already rooted in Yu Zhong's heart, and the stubborn Great Dragon would never allow his connection with it. But what she needed to do was to wait quietly and make preparations for Yu Zhong to get back the reverse scale. She knows that her waiting has finally come to an end when seeing Yu Zhong appear in front of her once again after surviving a disaster. Yu Zhong's immaturity and simplicity have disappeared. He has gained rebirth after experiencing hardship and years of cleansing. The King returns. She quietly looks at him, leading the fighters she gathered for him to kneel on one knee to meet their king. Since then, Luo Yi has closely connected her life with Yu Zhong. No matter where she is, she is always with Yu Zhong, helping him to gather strength and prepare to make a comeback. Now, what she must do first is to help Yu Zhong get back the reverse scale from the Forbidden Area of Dragon Soul, and fulfill the long-standing mission to complete the Black Dragon's reincarnation.

Yin-yang Geomancer


Yin-yang Mage




Dawning Fortune


Siren Priestess


Elysium Guardian


Oracle of Sol

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