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character mlbb-assassin

Name: Fanny

Role: Assassin

Specialty: Chase/Finisher

Lane: Jungling

Released: 30 September 2016

Hero Number : #17

Durability 64%
Offense 73%
Control effect 19%
Difficulty 10%


Sample Description
Sample Description
Attribute Base Growth
Level 1 Level 15
HP 2426 4400 141
Energy 100 0
HP Regen 6.6 12.4 0.41429
Energy Regen 3 0
Physical Attack 126 269 10.2143
Magic Power 0 0 -
Physical Defense 16 68 3.7143
Magic Defense 15 50 2.5
Physical Penetration 0 -
Magic Penetration 0 -
Damage Reduction 0 -
Basic Attack Range 1.8 -
Attack Speed 1.12 1.44 0.0228571
Attack Speed Ratio 100% -
Movement Speed 265 -

 " A blade dancer in the battlefield."

Fanny is the younger sister of Tigreal, who grew up under the protection of her family and her elder brother since she was a child. But Tigreal took the blame for a mistake in battle and left home. Disregarding obstructions from her family, Fanny joined the army, and through her own designed weapons, she successfully completed one task after another,


Fanny Wertz is the youngest daughter of the Wertz family and the youngest sister of Tigreal. Although the men of the Wertz family served in the army for generations and guarded the Moniyan Empire, the female members of the family were never allowed to join the army. From the perspective of the men in the family, their duty was to protect the country and family from threats, and women were to stay away from war. Therefore, ever since she was a child, Fanny had been asked to study painting and design art. The elders of the family hoped that she could become a famous artist or designer, and help manage the family’s business. But Fanny regarded this as beneath her. From ever since she could remember, Tigreal was Fanny’s greatest hero. She also hoped that one day, like her brother, she could fight on the front lines for the Imperial Army and guard the empire. After she grew older, the active and rebellious Fanny became a nightmare for her tutor. She was very tired of these old-fashioned classes. She often ran away for various reasons and had a soft spot for dancing with weapons: but Fanny was so smart that even though she was tired of her lessons, she was able to gain an understanding in very short time. Tigreal showed extreme affection to his rebellious sister. Each time Tigreal returned to the Lumina City for repair and maintenance with the army, it was Fanny’s happiest day, because Tigreal would not only tell her some peculiar anecdotes and thrilling battlefield stories from various places, but also teach her some useful fighting skills, which made Fanny yearn even more for the military life. However, Tigreal firmly refused Fanny’s desire to join the army as he always did. He did not want his only sister to be in danger. Out of love for his younger sister, Tigreal promised that when Fanny turned 18, he would take her to the base of the Light’s Order to show her what it was like, so this expedition had special meaning for both Tigreal and Fanny. However, just as Fanny was awaiting the triumphant return of her brother day and night, some news came from the front lines: Although the battle against the frontier demons was won, Tigreal, who lead the Second Division of the Light’s Order, had left his ranks for unknown reasons and disappeared. While the empire was holding a national celebration, the Wertz family entered a crisis. For a time, deserters and cowards replaced heroes and commanders, and these words became synonymous with Tigreal. The Wertz family, once famous throughout Moniyan, was discredited. On the one hand, she worshiped her beloved brother, and the other hand, there were overwhelming rumors. In the face of all this, Fanny fell into confusion, but after the confusion, she told herself in her heart: my brother is no coward, let alone a deserter. In his absence, I must stand up and revitalize the glory of the Wertz family. Afterwards, despite the fierce opposition from her mother and other elders, Fanny resolutely chose to join the army. She wanted to use her actions to protect the dignity of her brother and the Wertz family. But it did not go as smoothly as she had imagined. When Fanny came to the barracks, she was greeted with laughter and derision: the soldiers were fully of prejudice against this pampered noble lady, and life in the barracks was far more difficult than she imagined. The heavy training and lack of material conditions made it difficult for Fanny, who was used to a privileged life. For this reason, Fanny got rid of her long hair that she loved, devoted twice as much effort to training, and successfully passed the recruitment test. She was incorporated into the scout unit of the Imperial Garrison. Several years into her scouting career, Fanny had truly grown and transformed. As an imperial scout, Fanny often needed to roam between various steep mountains or other difficult terrain. In order to overcome her physical and strength shortcomings, she inconceivably learned from Tigreal, combining her fighting skills with the design knowledge she learned before by designing and building a pair of long swords with steel cables for herself. When she pulled the trigger, the steel cables would shoot from the hilt, grab on to the target, and pull Fanny over towards it. After endless practice, Fanny finally mastered the sword, and with it, she shuttled between the cliffs, gracefully skimming all kinds of difficult and complicated terrain, successfully completing her missions again and again. Her performance not only convinced those who were full of contempt and prejudice against her before, but also won her respect and prestige. For her graceful and exquisite figure as she danced through the air, the soldiers kindly called her the “Blade Dancer”. With her outstanding performance in the garrison, Fanny finally obtained the qualifications needed to be selected into the Light’s Order. Even more surprisingly, Tigreal, her older brother who had been away from the Moniyan Empire for many years, also returned to his homeland from the distant Northern Vale. Seeing what his sister had done for the family, Tigreal praised Fanny, believing that she had become a great warrior, and invited her to stay by his side and fight shoulder to shoulder. Travelers on the Land of Dawn, if you see a person flying by in the mountains and forests like a free bird, you must have seen Fanny’s graceful and swift figure.

Blade Dancer


Campus Youth


Punk Princess




Royal Cavalry




Lightborn - Ranger


Christmas Carnival


Imperial Warrior


Blade of Kibou


Heart Afloat


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