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character mlbb-assassin

Name: Nolan

Role: Assassin

Specialty: Chase/Burst

Lane: Jungling

Released: 30 September 2023

Hero Number : #122

Difficulty 6%


Sample Description
Sample Description
Attribute Fixed-value base stats Percentage stats
Level 1 Level 15 Growth
HP 2549 4607 147 -
Mana 450 1850 100 -
HP Regen 7.0 13.2 0.44286 -
Mana Regen 3.2 6.0 0.2 -
Physical Attack 124 289 11.7857 -
Magic Power 0 -
Physical Defense 16 60 3.1429 -
Magic Defense 15 38 1.6429 -
Attack Speed 1.08 1.34 0.0185714 -
Attack Speed Ratio - 100%
Cooldown Reduction - 0%
Critical Chance - 0%
Critical Damage - 200%
Crit DMG Reduction - 0%
Movement Speed 260 -
Physical PEN 0 0%
Magic PEN 0 0%
Lifesteal - 0%
Spell Vamp - 0%
Basic Attack Range -
Resilience - 0%
Damage Reduction 0 0%
Healing Effect - 0%
Healing Received - 100%


As the day dawned, a man stood in front of a tombstone. Upon closer inspection, this particular tombstone had nothing written upon it, not even a name. The man had not come to pay respects, but rather to tell a story; his story.

Part I

It was twenty years ago when Nolan's teacher, while on his deathbed, extolled the virtues of science and warned him of its dangers. Nolan knew his teacher had always worried about him. Nolan specialized in the study of the multiverse, and he theorized that their universe was just one of countless others, like a drop in the ocean. But how could humans ever hope to measure the vastness of the cosmos when their life span would not even register on the cosmic scale? Perhaps through his research, Nolan will discover a bright new future for the Land of Dawn, but more likely he will toil in obscurity for the rest of his days. Science was both his blessing and his curse. But he was a scholar of Eruditio, someone who fought for the freedom of others, and he never feared the unknown. When Nolan learned of the cosmic threat known as the Calamity, he suggested looking beyond their universe for a way to prevent it. And so he initiated the Infinite Gateway Project, leading the research into dimensional portals and multiversal coordinate tracking technology. If he could unlock the door to the multiverse, he could not only disperse the cosmic forces of the Calamity into the void, but also create a brighter future for his world. If he could reach beyond the stars, his world could be saved. He would devote his life to this mission.

Part II

When Lillian invited Nolan to the cemetery, he questioned if she was in her right mind. Surely it would be in poor taste to frolic in the final resting place of so many exalted generations of scholars? But when he discovered the hidden jar of wine stashed away by his predecessors, he realized that this cemetery had long been a gathering place for scholars to discuss life, death, and everything in between. Lillian was far more gregarious than Nolan. To her, death was not the end, but rather the journey home. When they came upon the topic of their futures, Lillian confessed that she was willing to give up everything in order to obtain a greater understanding of the multiverse. She wanted her tombstone to be nameless, for she cared little about fame and recognition; she simply wanted to live her life without regrets. Hearing this, Nolan felt inexplicably apprehensive. Mistaking his loss of words for disinterest, Lillian gave him a punch to the shoulder that sent him reeling. She was surprisingly strong for her small stature. They talked through the night. As the sun began to rise over the horizon, Lillian stood and stretched out her arms in its direction. She cradled the new dawn and exclaimed that this light belonged to them, and all Nolan had to do was reach out and take it. Nolan was befuddled. Light is energy... how could he reach out and take it? But as he gazed at Lillian, bathed in the soft glow, he felt a sense of ease and reassurance.

Part III

On a cosmic scale, the human body is more fragile than a piece of paper. Without any coordinates to use as a focal point, any matter attempting to pass through a dimensional rift would be atomized and lost in the Void. Nolan worked day and night but could not find a solution. The Infinite Gateway was already in the final stages of construction, but no tests had been conducted to prove or disprove any of Nolan's theories as there were far too many unknowns. The answers seemed to be within Nolan's grasp, but he just couldn't take that final leap. Without coordinates to guide him in the right direction, he would be lost in the multiverse, never to return. Nolan felt like he was trapped in a well that was quickly drying up. Sometimes, the pressure was so great that he could barely breathe. One day, the cry of an infant pulled him out of his trance. Lillian had brought their daughter to the lab. As Nolan held his little girl, this new life that had just begun to bloom, he suddenly realized something: all coordinates are relative. To create a functional coordinate tracking system, he simply needed a starting point. With an anchor, he could venture into the unknown and still find his way back. He gently placed an amulet beside his daughter. She will be the anchor to guide him home.

Part IV

The activation of the Infinite Gateway was like a bell ringing throughout the multiverse. This was the culmination of their work. Nolan and Lillian bravely stepped into the light, and found themselves among the very stars that they used to gaze upon every night. They themselves had become astral entities beyond their own understanding. The secrets of the cosmos were slowly being unveiled to them, like an ancient scroll being unfurled, revealing the answers to questions they had pondered their entire lives. However, while the stars were now within their reach, their home had become a faded dream. It was not until they reached their destination that they realized the hopelessness of their mission. The Calamity was a far greater force than they could have ever imagined. Not only had it not dispersed, but it was surging toward the Land of Dawn with ever-increasing speed. Nolan fell into a deep despair, but Lillian placed her hands gently on his shoulders, and told him there was something more important that he had to do. And just like that, Lillian's body slowly faded into stardust as she flew toward the Calamity. She had sacrificed her life in order to stall the relentless advance of the Calamity. Suddenly, a blinding flash of light took Nolan's sight. Then he lost his hearing and the rest of his senses. In their place, he felt Lillian's unwavering courage and determination. This was her way of saying goodbye. In an instant, Nolan lost everything. As he recovered from the flash of light, a path appeared before him. It suddenly dawned on him. "The anchor!" Sixteen years was the time Lillian had bought with her life. Nolan would have to complete his mission before then. With a father's determination, he pressed on, never to look back again.

Part V

Sixteen years passed. The Calamity had been contained, but Nolan was now falling endlessly through the dark emptiness of space. Nolan had not aged a day since entering the Infinite Gateway. As he tirelessly carried out his mission, time ceased to affect him. He learned how to open dimensional rifts, now to travel between universes, and how to use his soul as a weapon. He would fracture his soul into countless fragments and scatter them across the multiverse as beacons to attract the Calamity. And when all was done, he would send the Calamity in every universe into the Void, all at once. But in these sixteen years, his loneliness was unimaginable, and the agony of his soul splitting was beyond compare. Yet, no matter how excruciating those experiences were, they paled in comparison to the guilt of not being there for Layla. He could not watch his own daughter grow up. He could not return home, not even once. To see his plan through, he had to isolate himself from Eruditio and Layla. Their fates could never meet. Attempting to defy it would only bring her pain and suffering, so he did the only thing he could, and stayed away. The depth of his pain was as vast as the cosmos, and more tortuous than splitting his soul a thousand times. But it was all finally coming to an end. He used his soul to absorb the destructive power of the Calamity from across the multiverse and led it into the Void, saving Eruditio from the brink of destruction. With his promise fulfilled, he could finally let go. Soon, he would be with Lillian. His world was safe and his daughter would have the chance to grow up and become the brightest star in the cosmos. Although he had made many mistakes in life, he had only one regret. If only he could see her... just once... After what felt like an eternity of drifting in the Void, he saw a light in the darkness. And from it came a faint voice. The light was calling to him. "Dad! Wake up!" He felt the sun shine on his face as his daughter's voice rang in the distance. This is where this story ends. It is said that if you have accomplished everything you set out to do in life, then there is no need for your name to carry on after death. All of his trials and tribulations would be scattered to the stars. As the sun rose, Nolan felt a familiar warmth. This was the feeling that belonged to them. Standing before the nameless grave, he reached out to the dawn and embraced it.

Cosmic Wayfinder





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