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character mlbb-fighter

Name: Dyrroth

Role: Fighter

Specialty: Charge/Burst

Lane: EXP Lane/Jungling

Released: 25 June 2019

Hero Number : #85

Durability 55%
Offense 55%
Control effect 60%
Difficulty 35%


Sample Description
Sample Description
Level 1Level 15
HP Regen8.215.00.48571
Physical Attack11726610.6429
Magic Power00-
Physical Defense22753.7857
Magic Defense15381.6429
Physical Penetration0-
Magic Penetration0-
Damage Reduction0-
Basic Attack Range-
Attack Speed1.141.560.03
Attack Speed Ratio100%-
Movement Speed265-
Prince of the Empire who was kidnapped and use by the Abyss Prince of the Moniyan Empire, raised by Alice and Thamuz after being kidnapped. He won a duel witnessed by Thamuz. After the conflict between Light and Dark, the Son of Darkness was about to represent the lord of the Abyss and lead the Abyssal Army to the [battlefront].


    Twelve years ago, a prince was born in the Moniyan Empire. He was a symbol of salvation and justice for his people. It was believed that he would lead the Moniyan Empire in unifying the Land of Dawn. The Empire Nobles gave everything to the prince. On the day of prince's first birthday[,] he was found dead in his baby bed blanketed in blood. The room was covered with claw marks and the guards in charge of protecting the prince were also found dead. Sorrow engulfed the whole Moniyan Empire. The hope of the Empire had fallen and, to this day, there has never been such an inspiring prince. Some people believed the prince was killed by the Demons, while others still hoped the Prince was alive. The Empire Nobles appointed the Imperial Knights and the Monastery of Light to find out the truth. At the same time, the Son of Darkness was "born" too… After several years, something strange appeared in the Southern Hills of the Moniyan Empire. In the deepest part of the Abyss, Thamuz, the Lord Lava, watched a special battle. In this glorious battle, the monsters fought with each other until the strongest emerged. He not only possessed the best Evil Gene but also proved to be the strongest fighter in the Demons. Alice embraced the beloved fighter and recalled the "Royal Plan" that she had carried out. He was a masterpiece for her. He mastered Alice's trick, deception, and military strategy. He also learned combat from Thamuz. Now, the Son of Darkness is a capable assistant for the Abyss. He will represent the Lord of the Abyss, fighting against the Moniyan Empire, implementing the "Dawn Plan", and destroying the "Shining Spark" of the Empire.

Prince of the Abyss


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