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character mlbb-markman

Name: Brody

Role: Marksman

Specialty: Burst/Finisher

Lane: Gold Lane

Released: 16 October 2020

Hero Number : #100

Durability 40%
Offense 80%
Control effect 50%
Difficulty 5%


Sample Description
Attribute Fixed-value base stats Percentage stats
Level 1 Level 15 Growth
HP 2490 4597 150.5 -
Mana 435 1835 100 -
HP Regen 7.2 10.4 0.22857 -
Mana Regen 3.0 5.8 0.2 -
Physical Attack 105 245 10 -
Magic Power 0 -
Physical Defense 20 66 3.2857 -
Magic Defense 15 38 1.6429 -
Attack Speed 1.21 1.91 0.05 -
Attack Speed Ratio - 70%
Cooldown Reduction - 0%
Critical Chance - 0%
Critical Damage - 200%
Crit DMG Reduction - 0%
Movement Speed 253 -
Physical PEN 0 0%
Magic PEN 0 0%
Lifesteal - 0%
Spell Vamp - 0%
Basic Attack Range -
Resilience - 0%
Damage Reduction 0 0%
Healing Effect - 0%
Healing Received - 100%
Mysterious man whose right hand was corroded and who lost his memory. Brody lost his memory and wandered aimlessly between the villages of the Barren Lands, but there was always a voice in his heart asking him to hunt the Demons. In countless battles, Brody gradually recalled his past. Once, because of his mistakes, his village was massacred by the Demons and his right hand was also corroded. Now he understands his mission, in order to protect the people around him, Brody will always be fighting in a foreign land. Lore No one knew where Brody came from. When he first arrived at this village, he was covered in blood and his right hand seemed to be corroded by the abyss. You could tell from his gloomy face he was lost. The kind villagers didn't dare let him into the village, so they put some water and food next to him instead. After he awoke, Brody realized that the villagers were scared of him. He had forgotten everything, only faint memories would flash through his mind from time to time. In the dream that he had over and over again, someone cried out to him: "Brody, hurry!" But hurry for what? He did not know the answer. In his faint memories, there was always a great fire. And his right hand… looked quite ordinary at the time. So what happened to it? Every time he tried to recall the past, Brody would feel an intense headache. He didn't know his purpose. He wandered the lands aimlessly. The torn-apart memories and the pain from his right arm were constantly torturing him. The villagers took him as a freak and stayed away from him. Brody knew that people feared him. He was an outsider, someone who had no memories nor a past. One day, an elder chased by demons went astray into the mountain. Brody didn't think much. He tried to rescue the old man pretty much out of pure instinct. The ferocious demons didn't mind Brody as he looked skinny and weak. However, he blasted a strong energy wave out of his right hand and completely annihilated the demons. The power was incredible, but Brody also realized that every time he used this power, his right hand would feel unbearable pain, and that pain would spread to his entire body. This pain didn't paralyze him, nor would it take away his strength to fight. But this pain was everlasting, urging him to find his lost past. The elder he rescued believed that he was a kind lad, so he invited him to stay with him at the village. Encouraged by the old man, the other villagers also started to open their arms to this quiet young man. It was at the moment that Brody suddenly realized that—even without memories—he liked this feeling, the feeling of being needed. Brody thought to himself, this was probably because he could finally feel that he had a purpose when he was needed. This idea calmed Brody down and eased the burden on his mind. But that voice still existed in his head, yelling to him: "Help! Help me!" He became the guardian of the village, and peace was briefly restored. He drove back the demons of Abyss one wave after another. It was because of this that the villagers started to like this quiet lad. Brody became stronger and stronger as he fought battles after battles. And in each battle, he would see things that seemed to be his past memories. He wanted to uncover his past, but at the same time, he was also afraid of the truth. What did happen to him? Brody fought like a soulless machine, until he met Benedetta, who was also a homeless poor soul. Benedetta was struggling to fight against a group of demons. And that's when Brody came out of no where and intervened. They were near the Crack of the Abyss, and countless demons kept showing up through portals. The battle became more and more intense. Brody evacuated the villagers to a safer place, and fought side by side with Benedetta. It was when they almost had victory that a group of demons sneaked their way into the wine cellar and captured the elder who Brody once saved. They threatened Brody that they would murder all the villagers. Looking at the villagers held hostage, Brody felt a strong headache. He could sense that his right arm was burning with anger. He could no longer contain the energy within him. Before anyone could react, Brody had rushed to the side of the last surviving demon who was trying to fight back. He punched through the chest of that demon with his right hand and pulled out its beating heart. Blood blurred his eyes as Brody fell asleep due to the extreme pain and the fatigue caused by this intense battle. The faint memories were finally coming together. The history that happened would never be forgotten. he would eventually recall them. In his dream, Brody saw his past: he was born in a village at the foot of a volcano. The village was haunted by the Abyss, the people who lived there had to be very careful to survive. Brody was the most optimistic young man in the village. Everyone liked him, and he wanted to help out as well. The naive Brody thought he could fight against the demons and rid the village of terror and fear. One day, the arrogant boy took up a weapon and went to challenge the demons. He was getting stronger as he fought. But in the meantime, he realized that the demons were indeed formidable monsters. He couldn't fight them on his own. Brody grew homesick, and so he headed homeward. But he didn't notice that a group of demons followed his trail to the village. The demons destroyed the village. Some villagers were killed trying to defend themselves, and the other villagers were corrupted by foul energy. When Brody finally defeated the demons that surrounded him, it was too late. The surviving villagers had all been corrupted by demonic power and started to lose their sanity. The eldest man in the village who was losing his last bit of humanity begged Brody to kill everyone. They would rather die than wander this world a soulless creature. The old man approached Brody and gave him one last hug, his strength was fading. He once again begged Brody to do them the favor. "Good boy, we missed you. And we will always be watching over you." The devastated Brody put the villagers out of their misery, then turned his attention to the last remaining demon hiding in the shadow. Agony, regret and hatred turned into unbreakable power. Brody's right hand reached out, punched through that demon's chest, and crushed its heart. The blood of demon corrupted Brody's arm, giving him the power he now possessed. He could've shaken off the corruption. But Brody let the pain fill his body until he passed out due to the agony. He knew the price he had to pay by doing this, for that every strike he landed on his enemy would trigger the same pain, reminding him of the mistakes he once made. He had always been the same. When Brody opened his eyes again, Benedetta and the villagers were there for him. And for the first time, he truly felt peace. All his loved ones, his friends and families, have passed away. And his homeland shall never be the same to him. But fortunately, he still has someone to protect. Brody will fight on for his second homeland.

The Lone Star

Nameless Stray


S.T.U.N. Brody

Lethal Fang


Quantum Grip