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character mlbb-fighter

Name: Masha

Role: Fighter/Tank

Specialty: Push/Damage

Lane: EXP Lane/Jungling

Released: 17 September 2019

Hero Number : #88

Durability 80%
Offense 85%
Control effect 75%
Difficulty 3%


Sample Description
Sample Description
Attribute Base Growth
Level 1 Level 15
HP 2043 4353 165
Energy 100 0
HP Regen 3.8 10.0 0.44286
Energy Regen 1 0
Physical Attack 91 227 9.7143
Magic Power 0 0 -
Physical Defense 15 50 2.5
Magic Defense 15 67 3.7143
Physical Penetration 0 -
Magic Penetration 0 -
Damage Reduction 0 -
Basic Attack Range 1.6 -
Attack Speed 0.96 1.45 0.035
Attack Speed Ratio 100% -
Movement Speed 250 -
Guardian of the Direbears Leader of the Sami people who lives in the Northern Vale. After the wandering pirates of the Frozen Ocean began to invade the Northern Vale. Masha fought constantly with the pirates, and insisted on finding the Direbears, who had been scattered by the pirate invasion, to protect the land.


There was a land in the far north called Northern Vale, which was covered by winter snow all year round. It was also known as the land closest to the Frozen Sea. In their long history, the Sarmi Tribe and the Bears shared their land. Having a common ancestor, they never attacked each other and lived in harmony. As time passed, they developed a spiritual bond. Such peace was maintained for a long time. Nobody would have thought that the perilous natural environment of the Northern Vale would still invite invaders to this land. Large numbers of pirates from the Frozen Sea came to the Northern Vale. They brought not only endless plunder but also bitter wars. Formidable as they were, the pirates pillaged and occupied this land. As if that was not enough, the invaders started to hunt the Bears. Every tribe of Northern Vale was threatened by those invaders - some of them were conquered, some of them were expelled from their homes, having to struggle homeless in the cold. As the leader of Sarmi Tribe, Masha protected her tribal from waves of attacks. As a tribal hunter, she had a great talent in battle, and this was the reason why she could defend the dignity of the Northern Vale. She never forgot the vow of Sarmi - to "Protect the Bears!" She endeavored to find the Bears. But when she found the habitat of the Bears, she found only death and signs of violence everywhere. Suddenly, Marsha heard a loud roar. It was a familiar roar. As expected, there was a group of invaders trying to hunt down the Bear King, who was constantly saying "Beast Power". They launched attacks with their advanced weapons and unique hunting skills. The Bear King tried to protect the injured little bears by shielding them with his body, though he had been badly hurt by those iron spears. Masha dashed into the battlefield to assist the Bear King, but was in vain. The Bear King perceiving Masha's intentions, decided to divert the attention of those hunters by moving away. Masha understood the purpose of the Bear King and rescued the little bears and ran into the mountains. She used her own cloth to bind the wounds sustained by the bears and placed them safely in a secret cave. She went back to assist the Bear King who was gravely injured. Those hunters beat him down and tried to capture him. This irritated Masha who descended upon them and tore them up while attempting to save the Bear King. The Bear King then mustered all his remaining strength and unleashed his final "Beast Power". Masha and the Bear King fought together and let the hunters pay in blood for their invasion. It was the first time the Sarmi and the Bears fought together, and the victory belonged to all of Northern Vale. What Masha didn't expect was that the Bear King was down to his final moments. Masha could feel the grateful trust from the Bear King's eyes. It seemed that the King was showing his deepest respect for what she had done. Finally, the King closed his eyes and endowed Masha with powerful energy. Masha felt this energy coursing through her body and she realized that this was the "Beast Power". Her body became extremely powerful. It seemed that she could withstand any kind of attack with this body and could beat any opponent with her superb attack speed. Masha successfully saved the little bears, in hopes that the bears would rise again in future. From that day onwards, Marsha vowed to guard the Northern Vale with her "Beast Power" and no invaders would escape the wrath of her wild fists.

Wild-oats Fist


Winter Guard


Combat Maiden


Dragon Armor


Spirited Gauntlet


Rogue Talon


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