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character mlbb-mage

Name: Cecilion

Role: Mage

Specialty: Poke/Burst

Lane: Mid Lane

Released: 12 February 2020

Hero Number : #91

Durability 61%
Offense 47%
Control effect 89%
Difficulty 20%


Sample Description
Sample Description
Attribute Base Growth
Level 1 Level 15
HP 2456 4451 142.5
Mana 700 2226 109
HP Regen 6.8 11 0.3
Mana Regen 6 9.2 0.22857
Physical Attack 105 171 4.7143
Magic Power 0 0 -
Physical Defense 18 62 3.1429
Magic Defense 15 38 1.6429
Physical Penetration 0 -
Magic Penetration 0 -
Damage Reduction 0 -
Basic Attack Range -
Attack Speed 1 1.11 0.0078571
Attack Speed Ratio 100% -
Movement Speed 255 -

Carmilla's Blood Demon lover.

As a blood demon, Cecilion in love with human girl Carmilla, but cruel reality made Cecilion give up on their love. After Cecilion left, Carmilla chose to commit suicide which made Cecilion desperately sad. He used his abilities to turn Carmilla into Blood Demon. From then on, the two of them stayed away in the world together forever.


Many years ago, enjoying the night opera performed by Cecilion was the most popular form of entertainment for the people of Avalor. It was always full house at the theatre, each time this famous Opera actor performed. Everyone was attracted by his indescribable handsomeness and talent. However, the applause, love and cheers from human beings didn’t make Cecilion happy. He was a Blood Demon, and it was hard for him to open his mind to humans. He had always tried hard, to conceal his true identity and blend in with human society. As long as Cecilion could remember, his kind had been living away from human beings. The oppression of Lord Lava against the Blood Demons meant a dark future for them. As such, some demons decided to leave the Despair Place and came to live among humans. They were eager to seek forgiveness from the God of Light, live normally and integrate into the human society. But the fact was that they not only suffered hostility from the human society, but they were also hunted by the Abyss. When Cecilion became an adult, he was the only one left amongst his kind. In order to hide his true identity, Cecilion lived in Avalor as an Opera actor and tried to cover up all abilities and characteristics related to the Blood Demons. He was gorgeous and elegant on the stage, surrounded by thousands of passionate people. But at night, Cecilion spent his nights alone, night after night. The lonely days continued, but that was until Cecilion made an unforgettable performance. When he went to the center of the stage to take a bow, he saw Carmilla. And this beautiful lady was looking at him too. At that moment, the two lonely souls instantly fell in love. Although Cecilion always warned himself against having needless contact with human beings, he could not resist his love for Carmilla. So, in the face of love, he decided to follow his heart. In each of his performances, Cecilion would sing a song for Carmilla and they never ceased eye contact with each other. When talking about his past, Carmilla chose to keep it a secret. Even when Carmilla had doubts about his lifestyle, he still said nothing about it. However, they swore to be loyal to each other. As the flames of love grew stronger, without the knowledge of others, they met more frequently. But Carmilla’s father, Earl Ansaac knew everything about what they did. In his eyes, Earl only thought of Cecilion as a humble opera actor. He felt Carmilla should get married to a more powerful man. When this couple's love grew deeper, Earl Ansaac violently interrupted the relationship between the two, imprisoned Carmilla, sealed the Opera house and exiled Cecilion. Soon after, there was a rumor that Earl Ansaac was about to marry off his only daughter, Carmilla, to Baron Tawil, a General of the Imperial Army. At this time, Cecilion was so tempted to knock down the guards and take Carmilla away. However, he knew that he couldn’t bring happiness to her, as she would become a fugitive on the run. After careful thought, he realized that the love between a blood demon and a human could never be true and he thought it best to give up. The night was drawing to a close, and at dawn Carmilla was to marry Baron Tawil. But before the first light of dawn, Cecilion placed a rose and a letter with his name at Carmilla's window and turned away. But what Cecilion didn’t know was that his estranged lifestyle was not important to Carmilla and she didn't care if he was a Blood Demon or a human being. She loved Cecilion for who he was. After putting on the white wedding dress, Carmilla cut her wrist with a sharp dagger, forfeiting her life to her lover, Cecilion. Giving up Carmilla made Cecilion feel terribly sad, and his life seemed to return to what it had been. After two lonely nights, Cecilion went to see Carmilla, from a distance. But when Cecilion arrived, he found Carmilla's cold corpse lying still at a solemn funeral. For a moment, looking at Carmilla's cold skin, Cecilion felt nothing but pain and regret, vaguely pouring into his chest. How could he live without Carmilla? As the new moon rose, Cecilion spread his wings and swept through the city in the cold night, taking away his love. He then, revived Carmilla to life, using his own blood; but that kind of power comes with a price. And so, Carmilla was forever transformed into a Blood Demon as well. To protect this eternal love, Cecilion decided that he would never let anyone separate them. After that day, the people of Castle Aberleen never saw Cecilion or Carmilla again. Only the legend of the night, which passed from mouth to mouth over time. It was said, when the night came, Carmilla nestled in Cecilion's arms above the top tower of Castle Aberleen, as if time had stood still. As time scurried by, their bond grew stronger and Cecilion realised that being a Blood Demon made no difference to Carmilla. She loved him for who he was and would always remain her beloved. However, the betrayal of the Blood Demons and the hatred of humans, forced Cecilion and Carmilla to choose a path, of turning back from their past. Endless vagrancy and wandering awaited, but at least, they were destined to stay with each other, wherever they went. Since his youth, Cecilion had always chose to hide behind the darkness and stay away from the crowd. Leaving all the cheers, chanting and popularity behind, the old-time fame felt unusually meaningless. His identity as a Blood Demon, had constantly restrained him from opening his mind to humans. However, now, he had decided to share every one of his secrets with the one whom he loved. Fleeing away with Carmilla, meant his identity, which he had been trying so hard to conceal, was in the danger of being revealed. What remained for him, was a life of running away, from both Humans and Abyssal Demons. Cecilion, who had already tolerated a lot, throughout his life, could no longer accept any oppression, determined not to remain silent at the time of crisis, anymore. He craved for the forgiveness of the Lord of Light, however, in the face of those getting ready to kill him and his lover, Cecilion would definitely worship the pool of blood, with them. Every detail in their life, embodied their love. With love, Cecilion believed he could endure anything and everything. To keep Carmilla's father, Earl Ansaac, from discovering the truth of their deep love and to avoid the interference of the Abyssal Demons, they had to disguise themselves as ordinary human beings and fit into the human society. However, accidents happen. Once, due to unavoidable circumstances, their identities were discovered, and Cecilion had to kill every single one, who knew the truth. It is believed that, once Cecilion unleashes his true power of Blood Demon, no one, be it Abyssal Demons or humans, could even dream of escaping.

Embrace of Night


Wisteria Count


The Illusionist


Phantom Count




Crimson Wings


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