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Name: Diggie

Role: Support

Specialty: Guard/Poke

Lane: Roaming

Released: 19 November 2017

Hero Number : #48

Durability 40%
Offense 40%
Control effect 75%
Difficulty 5%


Sample Description
Sample Description
Attribute Base Growth
Level 1 Level 15
HP 2468 4183 122.5
Mana 490 2310 130
HP Regen 7.2 11.4 0.3
Mana Regen 4.0 7.0 0.21429
Physical Attack 115 216 7.2143
Magic Power 0 0 -
Physical Defense 20 60 2.8571
Magic Defense 15 50 2.5
Physical Penetration 0 -
Magic Penetration 0 -
Damage Reduction 0 -
Basic Attack Range 4.5 -
Attack Speed 1.00 1.14 0.01
Attack Speed Ratio 100% -
Movement Speed 250 -
The owl scholar who can control time. Diggie is a scholar from Eruditio. With his "Time Nest" Diggie can turn back time and even take others to a time travel with him unhindered by any outside forces.


Scholars and thinkers from all over the world are known to finally gather at the city of Antoinerei. It is here where the commonly overlooked Diggie lives. Many don't five a seconds to look to Diggie due to his small frame, until they come upon his researches in chronoscience. Diggie loves clocks, he believes that within these little mechanical toys lies many more yet to be discovered secrets. Through, the use of his "Time Nest," Diggie can control the flow of time. He is also has also able to release his friends from the physical shackles of time, taking them along with him. Beware though, for itf you anger him, be prepared for the taste of a Hoot Hoot "Time Bomb!"







Circus Clown




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