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Team Information

Location : Malaysia

Region : Southeast Asia

MPL Malaysia


  • December 21st – EXP Lane Anip, Middle Inferni, Jungler Akimm, Gold Lane Sepat, Roamer Ijat, Coach Avaa and Jungler Chibi join.
  • February 21st – Jungler Akimm leaves for Reborn.
  • March 3rd – Roamer Omz joins.
  • March 18th – Middle Saiful joins.
  • April 14th – Flex Aul joins.
  • August 1st – Middle Vins joins.
  • August 5th – Roamer Omz leaves.
  • October 4th – Coach Skadaga joins.  Avaa changes position from Coach to Manager.
  • February 11th – Roamer Ijat moves to an inactive position.
  • February 18th – Roamer Benggg joins.
  • July 21st – Manager Sushi joins.
  • July 22nd – Roamer XpDEA joins.
  • July 24th – Gold Lane Makdi joins.
  • July 25th – Flex Ombong joins.
  • July 31st – Saiful changes position from Middle to Coach. Analyst KILLUA joins.
  • August 3rd – Sepat changes position from Gold Lane to EXP Lane , Anip changes position from EXP Lane to Gold Lane , Benggg changes position from Roamer to Middle , Aul changes position from Flex to Gold Lane . [16] Middle Inferni, Manager Avaa and Coach Skadaga leave.
  • August 18th – Roamer Zacus joins.
  • December 13th – Middle Benggg and Roamer Zacus leave.
  • January 5th – Roamer XpDEA leaves.
  • January 9th – Roamer Barbossa is loaned from Bigetron Beta.
  • January 25th – Middle Warlord and Coach Dale join.
  • February 6th – Manager Sushi leaves. Vins changes position from Middle to Manager.
  • February 7th – Saiful changes position from Coach to Analyst.
  • February 14th – Flex Soloz joins. Roamer Ijat, Gold Lane Makdi, Gold Lane Aul, Flex Ombong and Analyst KILLUA leave.
  • May 23rd – Coach Dale is loaned to Outplay.
  • June 18th – Coach Dale returns after being loaned to Outplay.
  • June 28th – Roamer Xorn joins.
  • July 1st – Roamer Barbossa leaves for Bigetron Beta.
  • July 16th – Coach Dale leaves for HomeBois SG.
  • August 5th – Gold Lane RaizeL is loaned from Alter Ego. Brand Ambassador Feekz, Head Coach Pabz and Analyst Antagonist join.  Saiful changes position from Analyst to Assistant Coach .
  • August 18th – Roamer Barbossa joins.
  • December 30th – Gold Lane Nets joins.
  • January 7th – Gold Lane RaizeL leaves for Alter Ego. Middle Warlord leaves.
  • January 9th – Analyst Antagonist moves to an inactive position, Roamer Barbossa moves to an inactive position.
  • January 11th – Assistant Coach Saiful moves to an inactive position, Gold Lane Anip moves to an inactive position.
  • January 19th – Middle Udil joins.

Player Roster

#IGNNAMEPositionJoin DateCountry
1SepatMuhammad Irfan bin AujangEXP Lane2022-08-03Malaysia
2ChibiMuhammad Nazhan Mohd NorJungler2020-12-21Malaysia
3UdilMuhammad Julian ArdiansyahMiddle2024-01-19 Indonesia
4NetsKenneth Sablande BarroGold Lane2023-12-30Philippines
5XornMohammad Zul Hisham Bin Mohd NoorRoamer2023-06-28Malaysia
6SolozMohd Faris bin ZakariaFlex2023-02-14 Malaysia


MPL Malaysia Season 12

Kohai SEA Championship Season 1

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