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Mon 26, Feb 2024 70

Team Information

Location :Russia

Region : CIS

MLBB Continental Championships


The team was previously signed by Team Unique and played under the name Unique Devu during the M2 World Championship. Later on, the team was signed by Natus Vincere for the M3 World Championship.


  • August 24th – EXP Lane XeKa, Gold Lane Sunset Lover, Middle Kupie, Roamer Lil, Roamer Sawo and  Puncher join.
  • July 15th – EXP Lane XeKa, Middle Kupie and Flex Puncher leave. [2] EXP Lane Defender and Jungler Oneshot join.
  • December 4th – Roamer WarBarbie joins.
  • May 22nd – Flex Nagib joins. [4] Jungler Oneshot and Roamer WarBarbie leave.
  • November 4th – EXP Lane Defender, Jungler Nagib, Middle Sunset Lover, Gold Lane Lil and Roamer SAWO leave.
  • December 10th – Middle Sunset Lover, Roamer SAWO, Gold Lane Lil, EXP Lane Q1let, Gold Lane Wizer and Jungler Magistor join.
  • August 5th – EXP Lane Kid Bomba joins.
  • August 14th – Gold Lane Carvi joins. Gold Lane Wizer and EXP Lane Q1let leave.
  • September 5th – EXP Lane Shisu1Skie joins
  • October 5th – Flysolo joins.
  • January 7th – Flysolo leaves.
  • January 11th – Gold Lane HIKO joins.
  • January 26th – EXP Lane Gordost Kzz leaves.

Player Roster

#IGNNAMEPositionJoin DateCountry
1Kid Bomba
Mathaios Panagiotis ChatzilakosEXP Lane2023-08-05Germany
Eduard RukosuevJungler2022-12-10Russia
3Sunset Lover
Kemiran KochkarovMiddle2022-12-10Russia
Ruslan DegtevGold Lane2022-12-10Russia
Carl Vincent TinioGold Lane2023-08-14Norway
Pak Anton IgorevichGold Lane2024-01-11Russia
Stanislav ReshnyakRoamer2022-12-10Russia


M1 World Championship – Russia Qualifier

CIS Major 2020

Mythic League Season 1: Pro

December M4dness

MLBB Continental Championships Season 1

MLBB Continental Championships Season 2

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