RRQ Hoshi

Mon 26, Feb 2024 79

Team Information

Location : Indonesia

Region : Southeast Asia

MPL Indonesia


MPL Philippines Season 2

MPL Philippines Season 5

MPL Philippines Season 6

MPL Philippines Season 9

Player Roster

#NAMEPositionJoin DateCountry
1Andre Raymond PutraEXP Lane2022-09-01Indonesia
2RamadhoniEXP Lane2024-01-07 Indonesia
3John Darry AbarquezJungler2023-12-05Philippines
4Deden Muhammad NurhasanMid Lane2021-07-07Indonesia
5Muhamad Akmal MaulanaMid Lane2024-01-11 Indonesia
6Schevenko David TendeanGold Lane2021-03-03Indonesia
7Muhammad Safril SaifuddinGold Lane2024-01-11Indonesia
8Borris James ParroRoamer2023-12-05Philippine


EXP LaneEXP LaneJungler
Mid LaneMid LaneGold Lane
Clayyy OctaSkylar

Gold LaneRoamer


  • September 14th – Rex Regum Qeon enters the MLBB competitive scene with signing the rosters of Oxygen: Flex Lemon,Gold Lane TUTURU, Roamer Marsha, EXP Lane InstincT, Roamer xBarierJr and Gold Lane Banshee. Team know known as RRQ.O2.
  • April 4th – Jungler Banshee leaves.
  • April 28th – Roamer Marsha leaves.
  • May 17th – EXP Lane Lavitz joins.
  • July 3rd – Roamer Liam and Roamer AyamJAGO join.
  • October 11th – EXP Lane xBarierjr leaves.
  • November 1st – EXP Lane Lavitz leaves.
  • January 17th – Roamer James joins.
  • February 8th – The organization entered a partnership with Paris Saint-Germain, rebranded to PSG.RRQ.
  • May 16th – Roamer James leaves.
  • June 18th – Flex Instinct leaves.
  • June 26th – Roamer Rave, EXP Lane Billy and Roamer LJ join.
  • July 8th – Paris Saint-Germain ended partnership. The team would continue under the name RRQ Hoshi.
  • August 2nd – EXP Lane R7 and Gold Lane XINNN join.
  • August 13th – Roamer Vynnn joins.
  • August 18th – Coach Acil joins.
  • December 7th – Coach Acil leaves.
  • December 20th – Roamer AyamJAGO leaves.
  • January 24th – Gold Lane Wizzking and James join.
  • February 14th – Jungler Xinnn, Roamer Rave, EXP Lane MidGod and Roamer Liam leave.
  • February 26th – Jungler Xinnn joins.
  • July 27th – Gold Lane TUTURU retires.
  • July 28th – Roamer Liam joins.
  • August 21st – Jungler Alberttt joins.
  • November 14th – Roamer LJ leaves.
  • December 4th – Middle Psychoo joins.
  • February 3rd – Coach Jamess leaves.
  • February 5th – Coach Acil joins.
  • February 9th – Gold Lane Taka joins.
  • March 3rd – Gold Lane Skylar joins.
  • June 19th – Gold Lane Wizzking leaves.
  • July 7th – Middle Clay joins.
  • July 9th – Gold Lane Taka leaves for RRQ Sena.
  • July 19th – Flex Lemon moves to an inactive position.
  • August 19th – Analyst Fielsogewd joins.
  • January 22nd – Roamer Violence, EXP Lane Yummy and Jungler Aether join.  Flex Lemon moves to the starting roster, Roamer Liam moves to an inactive position, Gold Lane XINNN moves to an inactive position.
  • January 31st – Fiel changes position from Analyst to Assistant Coach , Acil changes position from Coach to Head Coach .
  • June 13th – Roamer Liam leaves Inactive position.
  • July 14th – EXP Lane Justinnn and Jungler Aether leave.
  • July 27th – Analyst Arcadia joins.
  • August 24th – Middle Psychoo and Roamer Violence leave.
  • September 1st – EXP Lane Banana joins. Fiel changes position from Assistant Coach to Head Coach , Acil changes position from Head Coach to Analyst, Arcadia changes position from Analyst to Assistant Coach.
  • November 7th – Arcadia changes position from Assistant Coach to Head Coach , Fiel changes position from Head Coach to Assistant Coach .
  • January 21st – EXP Lane R7 moves to an inactive position.
  • January 23rd – Analyst Acil leaves.
  • January 25th – Flex Renbo joins. Team renamed to the organization name "Rex Regum Qeon"
  • March 16th – Head Coach Arcadia moves to an inactive position, Assistant Coach Fiel moves to an inactive position.  Coach Bangduk joins.
  • March 22nd – Analyst Rave joins.
  • April 19th – Head Coach Arcadia leaves Inactive position.
  • May 19th – Roamer VYN leaves.
  • June 2nd – Roamer Naomi joins.
  • June 7th – Coach Bangduk leaves.
  • June 13th – Jungler Ferxiic joins.
  • June 15th – Coach Zaya joins. Gold Lane Xinnn moves to the starting roster.
  • June 18th – Jungler Alberttt leaves.
  • July 9th – EXP Lane Dyrennn joins.
  • August 3rd – Middle Renbo leaves for RRQ Goro.
  • December 5th – Roamer Brusko and Jungler Irrad join.
  • December 23rd – Roamer Naomi leaves.
  • January 7th – EXP Lane Donn joins.
  • January 9th – Flex Lemon moves to an inactive position, Gold Lane Xinnn moves to an inactive position.
  • January 11th – Middle Octa, Gold Lane Bunnyqt and Coach Vren joins. Team renamed back to RRQ Hoshi.
  • January 13th – EXP Lane Dyrennn leaves for RRQ Sena.
  • January 24th – Jungler Ferxiic moves to an inactive position.
  • January 29th – Coach Rave leaves for RRQ Mika.

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